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Tips and Tricks

Earth Cream

Suitable for normal to oily skin.

  • Earth Cream is a sheer to light coverage product, this is best applied with either fingers or flat foundation brush.
  • When colour matching the Earth Cream, apply small streak along jaw line and down the neck. Make sure to blend it in using either brush or cotton tip.
  • For extra hydration apply either the Skin Milk Udder Cream or Full Cream Moisturiser as a primer.

Mineral Foundation Powder

Suitable for combination to oily skin. Dry skin will need to moisturise.

  • The Mineral Foundation Powder is a medium coverage, best applied with the Kabuki Brush.
  • Same method as the earth cream for colour matching, apply colours along the jaw line and blend in with either Flat Foundation Brush or Kabuki Brush.
  • This foundation works best when pressed into the skin, not swiped.
  • Pour product into lid and swirl brush into product to ensure the kabuki brush is evenly coated.
  • This product can be layered on top of the Earth Cream or worn by itself, depending on the customers desire.

Mineral Bronzer


  • This bronzer is best applied with a large fluffy brush (Kabuki or Powder Brush)
  • The more compact the brush is, the more product that will be applied to the skin, this bronzer is very pigmented, ensure you tap off the excess on the side of the packaging.
  • The ‘3’ application is the best way to apply and contour the face. Start by sweeping bronzer over cheekbones, blend out & tap excess product. Then apply to hairline and finish under the jawline.
  • If used as an eyeshadow, use the small blending brush and sweep into crease, eyelid and lower lash line.

Mineral Blush

Pink Ladies & Golden Delicious

  • We currently have two blushes in our range – Pink Ladies (all skin tones) and Golden Delicious (medium – dark skin tones ideally) if a customer with fair – light skin prefers this colour, apply with a very light hand.
  • After your customer has chosen her preferred colour, apply with the contour brush. Get your customer to smile and apply on the apples of cheek and blend back towards the ears.

Mineral Highlighter

Glowing Goddess

  • The highlighter is very versatile, you can apply it in a few different areas of the face. The colour is a light golden champagne, this will suit fair – medium skin tones.
  • Apply it with either the flat foundation brush or small blending eyeshadow brush to the highpoints of the face (cheek bones, above the eyebrow, bridge of the nose and cupids bow)
  • You can also use this as an eyeshadow, apply to eyelid, inner corner and brow bone.
  • Can be used on the body. Apply to collarbone, top of the shoulders & down the front of your legs for extra glow.

Mineral Eye Shadow

Going Buff, Paper Bark, Summer Tan & Dark Cacao

Before applying your eyeshadow, apply a light layer of the mineral powder to ensure you have an even base, this will help eyeshadows blend easier and ensure they are as pigmented as possible.

Three Simple Eye Looks

Bronze Goddess

  1. Apply sunshine bronzer in crease with fluffy blending brush
  2. Apply ‘Summer Tan’ all over eyelid
  3. Mix ‘Dark Cacao’ and ‘Sunshine Bronzer’ on lower lash line
  4. Apply ‘Glowing Goddess’ in the inner corner and brow bone

Easy Nighttime Smokey Eye

  1. Apply ‘Dark Cacao’ all over eyelid
  2. Apply ‘Sunshine Bronzer’ with fluffy blending brush into crease and lower lash line
  3. Apply ‘Glowing Goddess’ to inner corner and brow bone for a shimmer highlight or apply ‘Going Buff’ to inner corner and brow bone for a matte highlight

Easy Day Time Smokey Eye

  1. Apply ‘Dark Cacao’ on the outer corner of eye with fluffy blending brush
  2. Apply Paper Bark from the middle to the inner third of eye with smaller eyeshadow brush)
  3. Apply ‘Dark Cacao’ on lower lash line
  4. Apply ‘Going Buff’ to inner corner and brow bone for a matte highlight

Final notes...

  • Always apply a moisturiser underneath the Earth Cream and Mineral Foundation, if you have a good base everything will blend and sit better on the skin!
  • Colour matching the Earth Cream and Mineral Foundation, apply two – three colours along jaw line and neck and blend in a brush to see which colour suit their skin tone the best.
  • Always apply the Mineral Foundation with the Kabuki Brush.
  • Mix in any moisturiser with the Earth Cream to lighten it slightly if the colour is too dark.
  • Use a shade lighter of Mineral Foundation underneath the eyes to use it as concealer.
  • Use Chia Seeds Lipstick on cheeks as a cream blush (this will work for light to medium skin tones). Apply to back of hand first and use either fingertips or Flat Foundation Brush to apply.