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Treat Yourself Set

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We all deserve a little treat now and then, a little bit of ME time. Mums (ours especially) are notorious for giving so much and never taking time to kick back, relax and indulge in a little pampering. Let’s change that and set mum up with the goods to get her chilled out and stress-free in no time flat.

The pack contains:

Relaxing Bubble Bath 100ml

As lovely as they are, some bubble baths can dry and irritate the skin. The reason for this is most are made using harsh detergents that foam really well. That doesn’t sound relaxing to us! Instead, we use 5 natural, mild cleansers that give you bubbles and leaves your skin smooth as a babies...

Night Time Face Cream 75g

We made this restorative moisturiser with antioxidant rich plant oils designed to rejuvenate your skin’s suppleness and glow. We included Hyaluronic Acid to help keep skin plump and hydrated, as well as Vitamins B, C, E and a compound extracted from Green Tea Extract. Best applied at night when the body’s natural repair mode is activated (it’s called beauty sleep for a reason).

MooGoo Mini Candle 50g

We wanted to capture the “MooGoo Smell” in candle form. This Natural Soy Candle will make any space smell delicious. All of our wicks are pure cotton and lead-free, and the soy used in the candle comes from sustainable sources (we love the earth!). We also think this candle is pretty LIT! Pairs nicely with a glass of wine.

MooGoo Sleep Mask

To help you shut the world out. Can be used in bed, on airplanes, or while soaking in a bubble bath. Works best with our Night Time Face Cream, a relaxing bubble bath and MooGoo Mini Candle. #MeTimeGoals

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