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Evening Primrose & Starflower Oil

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Ideal For Moisturising and Soothing Red, Dry Skin. Airtight 25ml container

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose Oil and Starflower Oil have especially high levels of Gamma Linoleic Acid which is ideal for soothing the skin. Gamma Linoleic Acid is an Essntial Fatty Acid, similiar to Alpha Linoleic Acid found in Rosehip Oil. This means these oils are hydrating for the skin. They are used to improve skin tone and texture.

Borage Starflower Oil

Starflower (Borage)

Starflower (Borage) Oil is often used in traditional medicines for skin problems such as dryness and irritation. Evening Primrose has been a traditional anti-ageing ingredient as well as being consumed to assist with skin problems.

Because Evening Primrose Oil can oxidise quickly, this can make it difficult to package for topical use.,We have added natural Vitamin E which slows this oxidation process down, as well as being good for the skin itself. However it can still be helpful to keep the oil in a cool place if storing for a long period of time or even the refrigerator.


Apply to the skin after washing. Allow to soak in as long as convenient. Then a moisturiser can be applied over the top to aid in the skin penetration. (The emulsifiers and water in a moisturising cream help oils penetrate.)

Ingredients: Evening Primrose Oil, Starflower (Borage Oil), Natural Vitamin E

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