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Healthy Toothpaste You Don't Need To Worry About Swallowing

Tooth be told, Fluoride can be a controversial topic. The fact of the matter is, toothpaste needs a remineralising agent to keep teeth healthy, and this is what Fluoride does in commercial toothpastes.

But, there are people out there that want a healthier toothpaste, so we made one with the same ingredient flossophy as the rest of our products. After years of development (and a lot of bad samples), we created a good one with remineralisation properties, made using only the healthiest ingredients out there. This was not acci-dental.

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Things about Toothpaste you probably didn't know

MooGoo’s Toothpaste ("Moothpaste" because we like puns) took quite a few years for us to develop. Because we went into the development with fresh eyes we learned A LOT along the way about toothpaste that may surprise you. Why are some toothpastes full of SLS, Titanium Dioxide, Saccharin and other ingredients that have been usually taken out of skincare and food? We don’t know but suspect that it may be because these brands are so big and in so many markets that any reformulating would be difficult. That is why their ingredients still belong in the 1970s Why are some toothpaste pretty much just foamy pastes? Is charcoal good? Is bicarb soda good?


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