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Scratchy Scalp? 5 Ways To Ditch That Itch

If you’ve ever been troubled by dryness, dandruff, or dermatitis, you’ll know very well how quickly an itchy scalp can turn even the sunniest of moods...

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Milk Shampoo FAQs

Ever wondered why we only have one shampoo? Or why we don't use SLS? Here's everything you've wanted to know about our Milk Shampoo. It's one of our best selling products for a reason, read why! 

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Save Time, & Your Scalp Too!

Introducing Natural Dry Shampoo Powder! The secret weapon to clean hair 7 days a week ! Read why Natural powders are taking over the industry for dry shampoos and how to use it to it's full potential. 

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7 Best Dry Shampoo Tricks

Dry shampoo in itself is the biggest tip and trick when it comes to quick, easy, fool-proof, clean hair, but are you using it to it's full potential? Come this way for the best Dry Shampoo Tips and tricks to clean hair 7 days a week!

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Hair MOOstakes we All Make

Hair washing seems like a simple task, we all do it (well most of us), and we do it at least once a week if not every day. How hard can it be, right? Pour shampoo into the hand, lather through hair, rinse, slap on some conditioner, rinse, and done – a process we’ve been taught for as long as we’ve had hair. However, there are a few common mistakes we make that could be preventing us from reaching our hair and scalp goals. Using the correct products and techniques for your locks can make a massive difference. Here are our top 8 hair washing habits that you need to break, not make:

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What You Didn’t Know About Shampoo

Shopping for hair care products, whether perusing the hair care section at your local pharmacy, or scrolling through the bazillion options online, can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed, or excited and hopeful. There are so many options when it comes to shampoo, and let's not talk about all the conditioners, leave-in creams, detangling sprays, scalp treatments and trending hair masks

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