Staff Favourites: Baby & Child Edition

Many people discover MooGoo when they start looking for healthy products to use on their little one(s). Mums (and Dads too) turn to other parents to get the inside scoop on what products they trust and rely on, and MooGoo Baby seems to be the name on everyone's lips.

Why parents love the MooGoo Baby Range

We strive to take the guesswork out of finding healthy products and be a brand you know and trust so you can worry less about what's in the products you use (leave that to us) and get back to more important things, like keeping little bub out of trouble. 

Between cleaning up messes, wiping faces and changing the 19th diaper of the day, the last thing you need is a MOO-dy baby with irritated skin. While we think our skincare is the bee's knees, we can only help keep their skin calm, you're on your own with everything else. Sorry! Sadly, some things in life can't be solved with skincare… 

How do we know our baby skincare products work? We use them every day.

You can be totally sure that all MooGoo products have been generously trialled by our very own, and our Baby & Child Range is no exception. We're proud to be a family-first company, and thanks to that we have quite a few staff that have embarked upon the brave journey that is parenthood. Hats off to them; that's some seriously hard yakka!

Staff Favourites: Baby Edition

Everyone knows that you can't play favourites with kids, but luckily you CAN play favourites with products. So, we asked our very own MooGoo Mum's and Dad's and what products they love most, and why. While no one has this parenting gig fully figured out, our in-house parenting squad took a moment to share their skincare saviours.


Nick, Warehouse Storeworker

Favourite Product? 2-in-1 Bubbly Wash

Product Tip? Use 5 squirts for a thorough clean, and 10+ for some extra bubbly fun.

And why: No product is as consistent for our son’s night routine, as the 2 in1 Bubbly Wash in the bathtub. It's a staple for keeping him dirt-free, and as it's so gentle on the skin we can rest assured nothing is being stripped. As our insurance, we always have the Nut Oil Free Baby Soothing Lotion handy for the rare spots that may appear from time to time. We've shared these products with friends whose kids have experience skin problems, and the results they have seen gives me joy and confidence in the products and their effect.



Dan, Warehouse Storeworker

Favourite Product? Nut Oil Free Baby Soothing Lotion

Product Tip? Get your little one involved with applying. It's messy the first few times but teaches them independence and is good fun for all!

And why: This baby cream is easily absorbed and not super thick like other eczema creams. It keeps our son's eczema-prone skin calm and super moisturised all day!




Amanda, Warehouse Supervisor & Product Advisor

Favourite Product? Nipple Balm

Product Tip: Rub in well and let the balm absorb for up to 10-15 minutes before getting dressed. Work's best in the evening after a shower.

And why: Although baby hasn't arrived yet, I'm already using the Nipple Balm as a multi-purpose product. It's working really well for keeping my belly super hydrated to prevent stretch marks, and I also use it for dry chapped skin anywhere from head to toe!