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Vanilla Essentials Pack

Vanilla Essentials Pack

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As with all good things in life (including life itself), MooGoo started with Mum...and some Udder Cream for cows. We think Mum's are great, and there isn't a more important job in the world. And while we know that 1 day of recognition isn't nearly enough, thank you to all the mums out there for all that you've done and continue to do every day. 

While you may not be able to take her out to her favourite restaurant, we think this gift pack is a great place to start to show her just how amazing and appreciated she is.

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The pack contains:

Full Cream Moisturiser 50g

We made this cream full (get it? Full Cream!) of natural moisturising oils that are high in the types of fatty acids that will leave your skin feeling lush and lovely. The perfect moisturiser to hydrate hands that are a little sore and dry from all the extra hand-washing.

Shea Sorbet Butter Balm 50g

This yummy Vanilla balm is chock-a-block with natural moisturising and healing ingredients. Got extra dry, scaly hands or hooves? Rub it in whenever and wherever your skin could use some serious thirst-quenching. Great for knees, elbows and hardy heels.

Milk Wash 100ml

Washing your hands with a cleanser and water is the best way to keep yourself safe and your hands clean. Gentle enough to be used every day, as many times as you need to. A perfect travel size and won't strip skin of its natural oils.

Dry Shampoo 100g

The “I wish I had known about this years ago” life-saver. It works by absorbing the oils your scalp produces to prolong the time needed between wet washes. Spending more time at home these days? Sprinkle some on to spruce up for that Zoom call or FaceTime date.

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