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Natural Deodorant Super Fan Set



Natural Deodorant Super Fan Set

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For many MOO-ns, we've only had our 1 natural deodorant scent in our handy-dandy 60ml roll-on bottle. Recently we added in a larger version to please the people who kept asking for more (us included). But we didn't stop there and launched 3 new kids on the block - Coconut Cream, Oats & Honey and for those who prefer their own scent, Sensitive (aka unfragranced).


To help you get your hands (or hooves) on all of them, we have launched our Natural Deodorant Super Fan Set. Now you can change your scent faster than your MOO-d.


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Each pack contains:

Lemon Myrtle 60ml

The eldest and the firstborn. An only child for many years, now the older and wiser sibling to a few new. LM is the OG (that stands for original gangster) MVP and also our first natural deodorant love. We sell one of these babies every minute without the help of a B list reality show celebrity endorsing it.

Oats & Honey 60ml

Oats & Honey is a sweet and warm nose-pleasing product, with a scent so delicious you'll want to eat it. And you can eat it if you want but it doesn't taste as good as it smells, trust us. It's made with natural ingredients of course, so if it somehow ends up in your mouth, you'll be A-OK. It smells like our Milk Shampoo.

Coconut Cream 60ml

Coconut Cream is the freshest of the Fresh Cream Deodorants. This cool, creamy concoction will take you back to the warm days of summer or dreaming about the Pina Coladas on your last beach holiday, sipping 'til you could sip no more (seems like a lifetime ago...sigh). It smells just like our Cream Conditioner.

Sensitive 60ml

Sensitive is our silent achiever. Understated and unscented, this one was made with the sensitive types in mind. And there's a lot of us out there! If you're often easily irritated (sounds like us) by antiperspirants, or your pits are particularly pedantic, we've got you fully covered. Literally, just cover your armpits in this.

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