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Shea Sorbet Butter Balm

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Product Description

Shea Sorbet for Dry, Cracking Skin

Cracked Hoofs or Inflamed Hands?

For very dry and cracked skin, Shea Butter is one of the most intense moistursing ingredients. However Shea Buttter by istelf is too hard to be applied to the skin.

Our Shea Sorbet has been made for people we know with hands or feet  that are so dry the skin has begun cracking. We have called it Sorbet as we have fluffed it up to the consistency of Sorbet. Our Lime Essential Oil also makes it smell like fruit Sorbet.

The feedback has even better than we expected. If you find that a moisturising cream is never enough, we think you will love the Shea Sorbet.

whipped fluffy shea butter

Shea is a butter, not a cream. It will stay on the surface of the skin more than a cream which sinks in. You may need to wait for around 10 minutes for the butter to heat to skin temperature before it begins to soak through the skin. Relief comes quickly

Directions:  Apply as needed to cracked hands or heels or to any other dry spots on your skin. Allow around 10 minutes for the butter to melt into the skin. Massage as needed.


(We list all of our ingredients on the website, not just the pretty sounding ones)

Shea Butter

The traditional use of the butter is to reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars and stretch marks, and to ease a variety of skin irritations. The soothing qualities of Shea butter are due to the presence of several fatty acids and plant sterols, namely oleic, stearic, palmitic and linolenic acids.

(Shea Butter alone is too hard to apply to the skin.)


Raw Coconut Oil

Raw Coconut Oil is  very high in saturated fatty acids, and so is one of the most moisturising oils around. Because it contains Lauric Acid, it is also used in some antibacterial applications. This is important for cracked or broken skin.raw coconut oil eczema

Many natural practitioners suggest using raw coconut oil directly on the skin. While this can be effective, it can also be very greasy.

Like many of the best natural foods, there are a small number of people that are allergic to Coconut Oil. So like all natural foods and skin care, it is important to patch test first.


Natural Vitamin E. We use natural, not synthetic Viatmin E in all of our products. Natural Vitamin E has the extra benefit of containing both Alpha and Gamma Tocopherol, rather than just Gamma. Recently it has been found that Vitamin E's soothing benefits may be due to the Alpha Tocopherol.

Allantoin (Comfrey Extract). We used this extract from Comfrey (NOT the whole Comfrey) as it seems to helpsoothe the skin.

Water  This helps with penetration of the butter.

Rhus Succedanea Fruit Wax.  Also called Japanese Wax. This helps keep the other ingredients stable.

Cetearyl Alcohol.  A plant based fatty alcohol (RSPO Certified supplier) which helps bind the water with the butters and oils.

Polysorbate 60 A food grade emulsifier used to hold the water, butters and oils together.

Apple Cider Vinegar   Slightly acidic and used to match butters to the skin's pH

Piroctone Olamine. An olamine salt used to increase the shelf life of the Butter.

Lime Oil   Helps protect broken skin.

Hops Extract. This is used d to increase the shelf life of the butter.

We asked some of our Facebook followers to trial our Fluffy Shea with Borage, Tamanu and Boabab Oil so we could get some photos. This is what they sent back.


Emails from our Customers



Hi MooGoo

Here are my before and after pics after a week of using the fluffy Shea butter, as requested.

I really liked this product!! Smells divine and easy to massage in. I used it on my feet morning and night and after applying it, I put cotton socks on for a more intense treatment. I noticed a difference after the first day. I think another week or two will make an even greater difference. I also used it on my skin which was dry but not overly dry or cracked and was delighted with the result. My skin went so soft!!

I'll continue using the fluffy Shea butter. The smell and texture is very indulging. Thanks for the opportunity to trial the product too.

Lani NSW

Just want to thank MooGoo for allowing me to trial their Shea Butter. It's has made a huge difference in my heals and I will definitely be buying it when it's available. I have emailed you photo of my results. Once again thank you.



Your Shea cream is just lovely - thank you for sending me some to try. I attach some some before and after pics on day 1 so you can how well the cream worked for me. Please excuse dreadful photography!

The cream is lovely and rich and obviously full of good oils - it sank into my dry feet beautifully. I really love the texture and the way dry skin just drinks it up. I intended to use it twice a day, but actually have just been using it only once a day (most days) for just over a week and it has still made my feet much softer. Honestly, my feet are so much smoother and just about perfect. I think that if I was organised enough to exfoliate and use it twice a day, my feet would have been totally silky smooth after only a few days. The only thing I would love to have in this cream is a nice MooGoo fragrance, like the skin milk, milky wash, shampoo or conditioner. This would just make it even more beautiful to use.

I do hope you decide to make this cream available. If you ever want feedback on any other new products, I would be more than happy to try them for you again :)

Cheers and thanks


Survey Reply

Name: Susanna

I have used this cream for:

How did you find the consistency of the cream? The texture was really great, especially for the bottoms of my feet

How did you find the smell of the cream (terrible? We know!)?
Really strong, but I was pre-warned.

Have you found the cream to improve the appearance of the skin?
It looks like it’s getting better. Would need more time and more cream to really know for sure.

Has the cream helped to relieve any symptoms?
It didn’t cause any irritation, and seemed to help with the healing of broken skin

How would you rate the effectiveness of the cream?
Please circle a number: 1(effective) 2(not sure) 3(not effective)

What other products do you currently use to help with this problem? Please provide brand name:
I gave up on trying other products as everything made me super itchy, which just made matters worse. I must admit, I’ve been pinching some of mum’s moogoo eczema & psoriasis cream since the sample ran out. 

How would you rate our cream in comparison to other products you have used?
Compared to everything else I’ve tried, this has shown the most promise and given the least irritation. 10/10

After using the Whipped Shea Butter, would you consider purchasing it?

How could we improve this product? Just the smell, which you know all about (Note from MooGoo - We since fixed the smell which was from too much hops and now it smell very nice). And maybe just warn people that if they use it on their feet they will need socks cause the oils make it slippery down there.