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Edible Lip Balm


These lip balms were formulated after reading the ingredients on a lip balm we used ourselves during a long car trip. The feel of the lip balms we used to use were great. The chemicals used were not. Especially on lips where most of the product is eventually eaten. Chemicals can build up in the body over time.  What for years might be harmless, can all of a sudden cause a reaction.

We have made a lip balms that feel similar to our favorite lip balms from before. However, because we make it for our own use, the ingredients are all edible.

We have three types of edible lip balm:

  • Cow Lick balm is an edible balm to keep lips moist and healthy; and
  • Tingling Honey Lips is designed to help restore sun damaged lips to smooth health. There is a cool tingling sensation when applied.
  • Tinted lip balm that is moisturising and conditioning plus gives a very subtle and natural looking colour to the lips.

(Please note the absence of any "kissable" puns.)

Camphor in Lip Balms: Because most of our products are used by babies as well as adults, none of our lip balms contain Camphor. Camphor can cause severe reactions in many people. Some information is here: Safety Data for Gum Camphor


* All natural products should be patch tested on a small area of skin first to ensure there is not allergy to any of the natural ingredients.


  1. Cowlick Lip Balm
    Cowlick Lip Balm
    Do you just need a safe lip moisturiser without chemicals? This is perfect. Rich emollient oils condition and soften the lips. Allantoin helps the repair of minor cuts and Mandarin Essential Oil...wel...
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  2. Tingling Honey Lips
    Tingling Honey Lips
    Tingling Honey Lips is made to speed the repair of dry and chapped lips. Menthol is well known for its sterilizing effect so this helps prevent infection. Like many of our products, it also has Allan...
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  3. Strawberry Tinted Edible Lip Balm
    Strawberry Tinted Edible Lip Balm

    Beetle-Free Edible Tinted Lip Balm!
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  4. SPF 15 Lip Balm
    SPF 15 Lip Balm

    Like all our Lip Balms, we made our SPF 15 Balm to be edible as well as moisturising and conditioning for the skin. We all want soft and healthy lips withou...
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